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Thinking about you boy

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Double standards, objectification, and dancing around the office. Diving deeper than necessary into one of the summer's most enjoyable tracks. Male singers often congratulate themselves on fraternizing with many women, but when women imply that they might have multiple men, it still stands out.

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Though it has become more acceptable for women to openly participate in hookup culturethey still face a societal double standard Thinking about you boy how Thinking about you boy participation is perceived.

Men are celebrated for their conquests, while women are told to sweep past lovers under the rug. The song itself is bright and fun, but its message is also welcome in a political time that can be unsure for women. Share instances of sexism anywhere, anytime with Whistlean app from InHerSight. Popular music is still full of lyrics that demean women, and music videos can be downright degrading. The message is clear: Thinking about you boy our Thinking about you boy proves the problem.

For now, we should thank Charli XCX for giving us a reminder that gendered sexualization is problematic, as well as a great song for the end of the summer.

Share what it's like at your employer. It's anonymous and takes 3 Thinking about you boy Not Just a Silicon Valley Thinking about you boy.

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Join InHerSight's Thinking Thinking about you boy you boy community of professional women and get matched to great jobs and more! Already have an account? Rate Your Company Share what it's like at your employer. Next Love or Respect: Looking for Some Summer Reading? These Writers Changed Our Landscape.

More have done it than you think, and fewer judge than you might expect.

Standards...two of them!

Put your phone in the other room, light some candles, and get the coven together.

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